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Ok, Let’s get straight to it, I’m going to assume that by now it is public knowledge that that humans in the Holy Quran are usually referred to as servants (this isn’t some level 5 classified: for scholar’s eyes only thing). I believe the reference to humans as servants truly reflects the true nature of humans; we are at our best when serving others. The happiest of people in the world are those who are devoted to serving others.

The obvious question that follows is, given the fact that we are servants, who is it that needs our service? We already know that Allah is clearly not in need of our service, hate to burst anyone’s bubble… so the question remains, who is?

Some might hate to admit it but the answer to that question is… fellow homo-sapiens… Ba dum tsss.  Most of us forget this and some of us are completely oblivious to it, but it is especially sad when Muslims forget this.


Quran Surah Al- Imran 3:110 .

You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient. – Sahih International

Although I personally like this translation more:

You are the best nation ever brought forth to men, bidding to honour, and forbidding dishonour, and believing in God. Had the People of the Book believed, it were better for them; some of them are believers, but the most of them are ungodly. – Arberry

It has a more old school feel to it.


The thing is, apart from worshipping Allah, the number one duty bestowed to Muslims is to lead the rest of the world by example. By bidding to honor and forbidding dishonor *while I twist the end of my imaginary handlebar moustache* and make no mistake, we will be questioned about this duty given to us that we so often neglect.

Now how do we lead by example, You ask?. Well in my personal opinion (you are free to disagree with me) I don’t see it as going out on the streets and starting to preach about Islam. Being a convert,  I have experienced different kinds of dawah, and I found the “hey have you heard the good news” not to be effective at all and always evokes this mental image.


No one converts anyone; only God can change what is in people’s hearts, which should make our job a lot easier for us. All we really are is just facilitators/ agents. You can’t convert someone who isn’t looking for the truth, you can only try to show the path to someone who is already looking for the truth on their own. Maybe the others will look for the truth later, or maybe not, it’s not up to us.

Our only duty is to be good and to do good to all mankind regardless of religion. To do things that help everyone, make everyone’s life better (Muslims and non-Muslims). Muslims are here to make the world a better place, for everyone.  Islam is for everyone not just for Muslims maybe we forget this fact sometimes. It is not to spread fear, or to discriminate.

 I believe it is enough for us to just work on being the best version of ourselves and being kind to others regardless of their race, religion, gender or age. Being a good Muslim isn’t just about praying, fasting and giving zakat. As the Quran verse below

Quran surah Al Ma’un 107: 1 -7

Have you seen him who belies the rewards and punishments of the Hereafter? He it is who drives away the orphan and does not urge giving away the food of the poor. Then woe to the praying ones, who are careless of their Prayer, who do good to be seen, and withhold small kindnesses (from the people).”

Acts of small kindness to everyone hold great value. Let us practice this. When we call ourselves servants of Allah, we should realize who we are meant to serve. The Prophet Muhammad, served humanity more than any other human being ever has and ever will, and so that is his Sunnah. Let’s take that as an example of what we are supposed to do.

Oh and before I forget, before we run outside to go serve the world, let us remember charity starts at where was that place?? Uhh that’s right… HOME sweet HOME.  Yup the annoying siblings, the cousins that won’t quit and the Uncles and Aunts who know when the world will end, even if it means ending it themselves.  (This is just a worst case scenario)

ANDDD Yes… most of the mainstream media and many other ignorant and misinformed people are trying to paint Muslims as terrorists and evil. Retards like these have and will always exist to the end of time, the fear mongers and those who promote ignorance and hate.

However that should never stop us from doing what we are supposed to be do, because we aren’t doing it to prove a point or get the acceptance of others,praise or recognition, we do it because it is our duty entrusted upon us by Allah,  that’s all there is to it! In short we do it for the sake of Allah.

Love you all for the Sake of Allah…


Yes that rhymed.


  • ABD




WARNING: This post is a little bit long, sooo Brace yourself.

      I guess I should start with explaining why I used Obama, for this post. First off, that expression! We usually have that expression when peace talks in our own minds are failing, we are doing everything to try and stay calm after someone has pressed all the ‘right’ buttons (Nuclear launch codes), so now there is a huge mushroom cloud in our head which you can almost see through our eyes and nuclear waste is blowing out of ears and nostrils.

     Second, it’s Obama…He is the President of the U.S of A, he has to stay composed and calm at ALL times because most of the world is watching him. In this situation, let’s think of ourselves as diplomats and Servants of Allah, knowing that Allah is always watching, and the angels too, and everything is recorded in excruciating detail. Yes, Privacy is a myth.

New perspective on things usually brightens up the day.

    Ever thought about the fact that being wronged by others is actually a blessing? Like a HUGEEE Blessing. Just hear me out, first, it’s really good practice for patience and tolerance. In case you have never thought about it, 80% of the time we are wronged by someone that someone is usually close to us, very few times are we wronged by complete strangers, and even when that happens, we usually get over it in a couple of minutes, hours, days… ok sometimes months and years, but that’s rare, it’s for the “special” kind of strangers. But other than that the others are pretty mellow.

SO how is this a blessing, being wronged that is…well let’s see if I can make my case,

ONE: Allah loves those who restrain their anger and forgive others

Surah Al- Imran 3:134

“Who spend [in the cause of Allah ] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people – and Allah loves the doers of good;”


Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that.”  

This would mean every time we get hurt or upset and keep calm, our sins are forgiven.


“There is no calamity that befalls one of the Muslims and he responds by saying ‘Innaa Lillaahi wa innaa ilahi raaji’oon, Allaahumma ujurni fi museebati w’ukhluf li khayran minha (Truly, to Allaah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return; O Allaah, reward me in this calamity and compensate me with something better than it),’ but Allaah will compensate him with something better than it.” 

–      Pretty much self explanatory


Surat An-Nūr


“And let not those of virtue among you and wealth swear not to give [aid] to their relatives and the needy and the emigrants for the cause of Allah , and let them pardon and overlook. Would you not like that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Forgive and we shall be forgiven..


The prayer of the one who has been wronged. In the hadeeth it says: “Fear the prayer of the one who has been wronged, for there is no barrier between it and Allaah.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 469; Muslim, 19. And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The prayer of the one who has been wronged will be answered, even if he is an evildoer, for his evildoing is only against himself.” Narrated by Ahmad. See Saheeh al-Jaami’, 3382. 

–      Well this has two sides, first when we are wronged we should make dua, immediately, not like dua to for the person to be hit by lightning. But something more productive, like for our sins to be forgiven, fresh start, or whatever else we want. The other side is we should apologize as soon as possible when we find out we wronged someone, because they might ask for lightning. J


The Messenger of Allah Sallallahu ALaihi wasallam said:“The best deed before Allah is to pardon a person who has wronged you, to show affection for relatives who have broken ties with you, and to act generously towards a person who has deprived you”. Thereafter he recited the following holy verses: “Turn to forgiveness and enjoin good and turn aside from ignorant” (7:199).



Last but not least, my favourite…The great reward given to the one who is forgiving and pardons others…

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu ALaihi Wasallam) was seated in a gathering with the Sahabah when he looked towards the entrance and said, “A man of Paradise is coming.” At that instance someone who seemed to be very ordinary entered the mosque where they were seated. A Sahabi was curious as to why the Prophet .‘ said this, so he followed the man to his house. This Sahabi told the man that he was a traveler and stayed as a guest. For three days the Sahabi saw nothing unusual, so he finally told the man what the Prophet had said and asked him what was so special. The man thought for a long time and said, “There might be one thing — before going to sleep every night I forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.”

The Ultimate prize, Jannah is awarded to someone for just forgiving and pardoning others.

      So as you can see. Getting wronged is a blessing in disguise, albeit at times it can come in the middle of the night full stealth mode, guerilla warfare camouflage gear with night vision…but it’s still a blessing none the less…especially when handled well. Because we wouldn’t be in the position to get those blessings if no one wronged us.

    It’s usually easy to forgive strangers most times, because we might never see them again, or we just don’t care, but for those close to us, it’s a little bit harder because we expect them to know, we expect them to be more kind and caring.

    But if you think about it we would find it surprising that they only give us the opportunity to forgive them once a month, while we constantly wrong ourselves and Allah forgives us, daily.

Satan keeps offering us opportunities to sin and we keep accepting them like awards…

“ For me?? Really? Ohhh you are far too kind…Eehhheeemm …clearing throat, I would like to thank the evil genius in me, a special shout out to my nafs… you have always been there for me, through the thick and thin….”

    May Allah give us all the ability to forgive others for the wrong they do to us, and May Allah  give them the ability to forgive us for the wrong we do to them and May Allah forgive us all for our sins – Ameen

Love you all for the sake of Allah




Asalaam Aleykum Brothers and sisters,

First off, My apologies for keeping you waiting for so long… it’s a long story. Forgive me 🙂

   This time around I thought I should share one of my personal policies (Rare occasion), but I have been away for so long I have no choice, I owe you that much at least  🙂

The policy is simple ; “I always believe I can be better, faster and stronger in anything I decide to set my mind on. I can be better faith wise (spiritually) , Knowledge (mentally) , staying fit and healthy (physically), relationships with people, being kinder, more gentle, better at business, work, basketball, football, swimming the list goes on… but you get the point. In my mind it is not even up for discussion, whether or not I can be better at whatever I want, it’s a simple matter of decision, prayer and Tawakul (Trust in Allah)…sorry did I forget to mention hardwork? it scares people sometimes, but yea its there.

   I have a couple of role models I look up to in different departments of life, I believe it is good to have role models just to get a general direction of where you want to go. But inshaa Allah I will surpass even those role models I look up to now, save the Prophet (S.A.W) and the Sahabas ( His Companions).

 That’s where I set my bar, get better or die trying… and keep going, yes sometimes we fall, but the resolve to keep moving forward never changes.

If I die trying, so be it, I will have no regrets. Why limit myself?

This personal policy is my drive. In short it’s about being a Strong Muslim and then getting stronger.

PS: A strong man stands up for himself, but a stronger man stands up for others. (Act like you know)

 Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: ”A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone, (but) cherish that which gives you benefit (in the Hereafter) and seek help from Allah and do not lose heart, and if anything (in the form of trouble) comes to you, don’t say: If I had not done that, it would not have happened so and so, but say: Allah did that what He had ordained to do and your” if” opens the (gate) for the Satan.”

   Sometimes we might feel like we are stuck, trapped in an endless cycle (routine) and it gets tiring, like life is slowly but surely being sucked out of us. This could lead to foreign states such as “boredom” <<< I fail to understand how people get there, I mean, when one is bored, have they memorized the whole Quran? Then understood the tafseer, are financially independent, have achieved all their dreams and are now waiting to die? I mean logically if they didn’t get there yet, how are they bored???

    I digress, back to the point, so in this situation we should ask ourselves “is this it? Is this all I can be? More importantly is this all I want to be?”  No? Then change it, what’s stopping me? Is there something better to do? Or is it distractions for the idle citizens…latest episodes?, movies?, too much socializing?

At this point it’s important we remember what the Prophet (S.A.W) said in the following hadith:

The Prophet (saw) advised to: “Take benefit of five before five: Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied, and your life before your death
(Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al Hakim)

If I was asked why I wake up each morning, why even get out of bed?, this would be my answer.  Because I honestly believe it is the only reason Allah would let us wake up again, if we had reached our limit, then we would simply die.

 As long as we are alive we can always get better, if we were in sin, we may repent. If we are doing good, then do better. Why else would Allah keep waking us up, if we aren’t going anywhere anymore? So today let it be a fresh new page. Drop everything you were carrying from your past, just let it go and start afresh. All that counts is what you do now and moving forward. Feels good doesn’t it?

 Many of us want fresh starts so we can do better and we fail to realize Allah is giving us one EACH and EVERYDAY, but we are the ones that keep clinging to our past. I know letting go is a lot easier said than done, but truth be told it has to be done sometime. Don’t you think?

 So Stay Strong Brothers and Sisters.

I love you all for the sake of Allah.

–  ABD