The Precious Ones


Asalaam Aleykum reader.. yeah you, aren’t you going to say Aleykum Salaam back?…say it, say it…tsk tsk tsk I can’t believe I had to tell you twice, you are something else I tell you… something else.

Ok so the drill here is ; explain my absence, blame my laziness, apologize and move on to the topic… Yeah let’s assume I just did that, and move on.. so here we go.

Quran An Nisa (4:34)

“ Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard.–”

I feel like most people use this verse to somehow imply that men are better than women or above women in value or something. If you have ever felt that way then this post is for ya… and if not, it’s still for you.

Let’s start with the simple premise of what it means when something is assigned to “protect and maintain something else” tell me what is usually more precious, the thing being protected or the thing protecting?

Ever heard of the jewellery store heist where the perpetrators broke in and stole all the windows, doors, bullet proof glass and left the stones untouched?. No? really??  me neither… because that would probably land the thieves a solid position in the Guinness book of records for the dumbest idiots that ever lived.


Men were made stronger than women in whatever aspects  in order to protect them and to guard them not to oppress and belittle them. And when men fail to perform their duties, it’s understandable that women feel betrayed and try to distance themselves from men and “make it on their own” (Hence feminism, or radical feminism) .(I feel like I’m treading across a landmine with that statement but heck it’s already out there).


Which begs the question, why are our Muslim sisters so precious?, our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.

Well a good guess might be because they are the key to our nation. They are the ones who toil for nine months carrying the next generation and there after feed and nurture them. Raise them.  They are the ones that pass on the teachings of Islam to our children, they are the ones who back up even their husbands who are meant to protect them, they give them peace of mind, support and love… in more ways than one…. Yes I said it! Sue me.

They are the Nations care-takers.

They are the MVP’s of the Muslim world and the World at large, but in all fairness, other than religion this applies to all our sisters in the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, so let’s treat them with the respect, tenderness and caring that they deserve.

Yes sometimes they will get emotional and irrational and you might hear things that would make you wish your super power was memory editing, but hey no one said this God-given protecting and maintaining gig was going to be easy. Yes… occasionally we might need to protect them from themselves too.

It comes with the territory. Cowboy up! We were made strong for a reason

 Our Muslim sisters are the most precious things on earth. They are worth it!

And sisters, take it easy on the brothers, you guys don’t come with a manual (no matter how much we pray you did) so technically speaking we have been winging it since Adam (AS). We will slip up every now and then, but eventually we’ll come around, so be patient with us.


Love you all for the sake of Allah.

  • ABD



        Everything good and sustainable starts with the Fear of Allah. Keywords in this statement are “Good and Sustainable”. Well, I think I will start with the genesis of this idea or thought; I am usually worried (as I believe most people are) about sustaining the good things I do. I mean, as humans we forget, we forget to be kind to others sometimes, we say things we might not mean at times, our faith isn’t constantly rising, it even sinks sometimes.

       So I think it’s a justified to be worried about it. We don’t know the future, we don’t know what will happen, what type of situations we will be in and what type of options we will have. So how do we get prepared for that? So that we don’t end up making decisions that we will regret later on?

Of course you read the title so you know where I am going with this, and yeah its actually that obvious. The only way to be certain that you will not make decisions now or in the future that you might regret is by Fearing Allah.

Fearing Allah might sound abstract sometimes, I mean we would assume every Muslim Fears Allah, and intellectually that would be true, by just thinking about it, Allah’s Greatness and Might, its logical to Fear Allah, but its usually not in our Hearts.

And I don’t think it ever starts there, I think that’s the challenge, to work to get the Fear of Allah from our Minds to our Hearts, because its usually only when our Hearts truly want something or feel something that we act according to it.

Which leads to another question, how do we put the Fear of Allah in our hearts?

 Mmmhhhh….tough one

Me: we could…

Myself: no

Me: or…

Myself: that would never work

Me: then…

Myself: I’m not really sure if that’s legal

Me: A HA! It’s the Quran

Myself: it’s the Quran.

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran:

Surat Yūnus 10:57

O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (i.e. the Quran, ordering all that is good and forbidding all that is evil), and a healing for that (disease of ignorance, doubt, hypocrisy and differences, etc.) in your breasts, – a guidance and a mercy (explaining lawful and unlawful things, etc.) for the believers.”

  For those who don’t know, “in your breasts” = your heart. 🙂

    I believe that one of the diseases in the heart, probably the worst one, the most potent, which can lead to hypocrisy is the fear of anything else other than Allah.

Be it fear of the future, the past, society expectations, parents, a person, “evil”, magic, la la la, yadi yadi yada…the list goes on. If we don’t fear Allah, we will end up fearing almost everything else, but when we Fear Allah, we realize there is nothing left to Fear.

And a verse that I love in the Quran, which was the reason I wrote this post. Huge wake up call and boost of faith for all those who want to be successful in life, whatever that maybe, is this

Surah Al- Ma’idah 5:100 

“Say, “Not equal are the evil and the good, although the abundance of evil might impress you.” So fear Allah , O you of understanding, that you may be successful.”

The Ayah really speaks for itself, there isn’t much to break down, evil and good aren’t equal, there is a lot of evil going on, don’t let that “impress you” or fool you, thinking its ok, or “normal”. Fear Allah, since you understand so that you may be successful.

Defining success, is something I will put up in one of the following posts, as well as prepping for the coming Ramadan!!!!!!…..Yaaaaayyyyy

     But the drift of all this, if you happen not to catch it, is that when we start practicing to  do things for the sake of Allah and out of Fear of Allah, we will do them with more consistency and more willingly, even if we slip and fall here and there we will never lose our way, and read any success story and tell me that’s not how it happened. No one gets it perfect, in one shot, or two, or three…or…yea but we fail forward and never lose hope in Allah’s Mercy that’s how to be successful.

     Homework: Try to help someone for the Sake of Allah, just regardless of what they might think or say, grateful for it or not, is irrelevant, because the only one who you want to impress with that deed is the only one who is really going to reward you with that deed.

That’s all for now

Love you all for the Sake of Allah




I think I cracked it this time, it’s been a long time coming but I believe I got it now.

Before I say anything, I want to ask you a question first, think about it and answer it honestly.

Are you happy?

If you had asked me this question in the past, most of the time I would have probably told you No or I would have said “yes, BUT…” and its not like I was physically sick on anything, but I realize now I was spiritually sick.

It bothered me why this was the case and I concluded there were two things I wanted in life that I was sure would make me happy (No, I am not going to tell you what they are, and No, I haven’t gotten them yet, still praying) haha 🙂

I am very Happy that I have reached this conclusion before I got them because if I had gotten them in my previous state, eventually I would have been unhappy again. Why? Because the times when I would answer that yes I am Happy would be short periods just after I got something I had prayed for or wanted.

   When I look back now I realize what truly made me happy at all those times didn’t just come from the thing I got but came even more from the gratitude I had when I got it, as soon as I started to take it for granted. My happiness ceased. So I would look for the next thing to ask for to get that feeling of happiness.

  I had wrongly associated the feeling of happiness with just getting things instead of having gratitude for them. Being grateful is what makes us happy not necessarily the things we get.

WARNING!! : This does not mean you should not ask for Things from Allah. Keep asking,

“There is nothing more dear to Allah Ta’ala than a servant making dua to him.”

[at Tirmidhi]

But what is actually even more interesting is, we are all “Happiness Junkies”, everything we do and ask for, what we really want from them is for them to make us happy, to get that emotional high.

Now the BILLION Dollar question remains, Why don’t we just ask Allah to make us Happy? By making us grateful and content.

   Being Happy doesn’t mean we don’t have problems and it doesn’t mean we aren’t struggling in life. It just means that we can look past our current problems and still have hope in Allah’s Mercy and we can still see the good that we have been blessed with, and to be grateful to Allah for it.

   I know for most of you this is just a reminder and nothing new, you already knew this intuitively probably. Well I’ll admit I’m a late bloomer, I joined the party late but don’t feel sorry for me, I am fast learner.

 I thank Allah for giving me the insight and inspiration to see this now.

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Yours Truly