Day 3; 5 pictures 5 stories


Salaam All,

Ok, you got me, I’m into photography, sue me… ๐Ÿ™‚ , I don’t know, there is something about being able to capture a moment, that seems to intrigue me, it’s almost like freezing time so you can further appreciate the beauty of that particular moment in space and time, that you might have otherwise missed. Ever felt that way? Like sometimes life is moving so fast you barely have time to appreciate it or be happy about it?. It’s like, right after this right now, it’s this thing, then there is, and then that other thing and then one more thing… and then… and then…I guess we all feel that way sometimes.

For me pictures and photography is a little escape from that. At the same time it makes it easier to reflect on Allah’s creation, to think how all this beauty came about, how none of it is by mere luck or coincidence, everything has it’s purpose and work together flawlessly. Makes me further feel the word Allahukabar. Really Allah is the greatest.

That’s all for now,

Love you all for the sake of Allah



13 thoughts on “Day 3; 5 pictures 5 stories

  1. I too love capturing moments and take many pictures with my phone. I enjoy admiring Allah’s creations (animals, flowers, vegetables, trees, clouds, rainbows, sceneries etc) I often view them after years to remember events, places, people etc.
    Many were printed on paper before it became common to have them on disk and USBs, hard drives. I am now wondering if all these are haram like wedding pictures, pictures of ones children or pets etc. Possibly digital ones too if the are of living things…it is better to keep aways from things that are doubtful but can this be classed as doutbful simply because scholars have not agreed on this? I don’t think so. Allah Knows Best.
    It is doubtful and scary due to the hadith regarding angels not entering a house where there are ….. (even printed or digital pictures) ?…most coins and currency notes have images…does this mean they too should not be in the house? if we take pictures to enjoy looking at them, does this undoubtedly become haraam…?
    What about TV, news, videos to learn skills, knowledge the list is endless. I originally believed the prohibition was simply about drawing and painting human faces and could possibly extend to living beings.. so don’t do that, but sometime in research one may have to draw several types of living creatures to document for example insects or birds. Maybe it applies to just making images of living things by hand. If not, then almost everything in the house would need to be removed…our lifes are full of digital and non digital images with TV, cctv videos, books, wedding picture’s, children, pets, images on money etc etc…if no images are allowed in the house one would need to throw away many children’s books even.
    Some sites say looking at pictures (photos) for enjoyment is wrong too! Are we to admiring Allahs creation but never be able to capture the moment if a living being is part of that moment?
    Allaah knows best.
    Extract from islamqa…
    (See Al-Sharh al-Mumtiโ€™, 2/197-199)

    • Hey, thanks for reading and commenting, I used to have similar fears but after some research I realized, the prohibition is probably for hand drawn or crafted images of living things. Digital pictures and videos not included, and Allah knows best.
      Jazak Allah Khair for commenting and sharing your concern. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I hope you are right. Every so often the pangs of fear kick in and I start feeling guilty for snapping away . In your research did you find anything wrong about taking a digital picture then ‘printing’ it and framing…keeping it in a living room like art.

    • Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
      My heart literally sank when I read your comment out of guilt for not thinking about this earlier. You actually have a point. Jazak Allah khair. So I did a small research and subhan’Allah many websites say that clicking pictures is haram. And they’ve supported their claim with sound hadiths. I think what they’re essentially referring to is “printing” the pictures on paper. However, a website quotes Sheikh Al Uhaymeen making a distinction between a picture drawn by hand and a picture taken with a camera, and that there is nothing wrong in the latter (but printing it is definitely prohibited…that’s what the scholars say).
      “…when a human being draws an image of a creature with a soul by hand. This falls under the image-making that is warned against, and it is a sin from amongst the major sins.
      As for the image-making that takes place using instant cameras, this does not appear to fall under this, because the photographer does not draw out or try to imitate the Creation of Allah.”

      Here’s link to the original (Arabic):

      This might be useful:

      And Allah Knows Best.
      May Allah ‘Azza wa Jal forgive our shortcomings and always guide us to that which is right. Ameen.

      • Walaikum Assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu. I am still in doubt. Maybe I need to check my niyat(s).
        Sometimes I also fear that scholars can lead you astray by making fatwas resulting in making what is halal haram and haram halal.
        The last statement of the entry on islamqa is what got me very worried.
        One niyat is to enjoy nature and Allahs creations but I also take pictures of meals I cook so I can remember what to make when there’s a mental block. Then again I have many of my children to admire and memories etc…(never for idol worship of course!) and various practical reasons as I do hair for ladies in Hijab and keep the images of styles to determine what they like and dislike…I could stip printing them…but what of the ones already printed…bin wedding pictures? My husband might have something to say about that! Passport…driving license etc etc..
        Drawing and painting faces might be the only thing prohibited…rest was not mentioned. It Allah wanted to make it haram for us he could have expanded it like he expanded on the various acts associated with alcohol. ..such as making, selling, sitting with etc etc. Am sure you would know the Hadith.
        Life without future printed pictures is no problem. I am certainly going to take that route as far as I can.
        And try and put away all old printed images of people in the “to be researched and decided on” later “box”. Childrens weddings where inlaws expect albums might need special strength and determination on my part. If I could only be sure. Doing bidah either way (extra strictness or leniency) both do not appeal to me. Will as for Allah to Show me what is the right way. It always works. SubhanAllah.
        Thanks for your comments. Hope we do not sink each others hearts more ๐Ÿ™‚ and find the best and correct answer from Allah Himself in His Guidance. Ameen.

      • I don’t want to seem like I am over simplifying things but personally I don’t think there is a problem with digital pictures given that the prohibition to draw living things was due to try imitating Allah’s creation and people who used them as idols to worship. So currently my heart is quite at peace with digital pictures and videos. And Allah knows best. Thanks for the comments and the reminder to be cautious. Jazak Allah Khair.

      • Haha, not at all; that’s not how I meant it. In fact I’m really grateful that you brought this up. I was a little disappointed (with myself) because I was the one who passed on this “photo challenge” to the brother without giving any thought to it’s ruling in Islam when I wasn’t even sure about it myself.

        I think most scholars don’t have any problem with clicking pictures or even sketching inanimate objects like food…I’m sure cooked chicken or beef doesn’t count as animate lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And according to the link provided earlier I think it’s fine to have them in your phone, just don’t get them on paper. That includes pictures of hairstyles too. As for old photographs…well umm given all the proof, I understand it’s not explicitly stated in the primary sources of Islam and is just based on opinions of scholars who are human and make mistakes, but they are definitely more knowledgeable and capable of making “ijtihad”. And it comes in a hadith that if a scholar of Islam gives a ruling and it’s correct he gets two rewards for it and if it’s wrong then he still gets one reward. (I’ll put the reference here in a moment insha’Allah)

        So yeah given all of that I really think you should find out a way to store them using means that are halal like perhaps scan all the photos of the album and store them in your computer? That way you won’t be upsetting your children’s in-laws either insha’Allah. It requires strength and determination but you’ll be rewarded if you do it for the sake of Allah. But I encourage you to do your own research till you’re satisfied with what you find. May Allah make it was for all of us. Ameen.
        Jazak Allah khair.

      • “‘Amr b. al-‘As (radiAllahu anhu) reported that he heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: When a judge gives a decision, having tried his best to decide correctly (ijtihad) and is right, there are two rewards for him; and if he gave a judgment after having tried his best (to arrive at a correct decision) but erred, there is one reward for him. ” (Sahih Muslim #4261)
        Allah knows best. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

  2. There is something about capturing a moment. It’s been a year since I’ve gotten my drivers license and ever since then I’m almost always in a rush. It’s like my patience flew out the window the second step foot in my car. I fully understand that moment of confusion/frustration. And not only regarding my bad case of road rage, but in every case. Patience is key. It helps me appreciate the essence of life. JazakAllah khair for your posts.

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