Asalaam Aleykum Every body


I would like to  keep this short.

The Tube in the picture is representing the Entertainment industry,

No, I’m not going to condemn the whole entertainment industry, I’m just going to point out certain things we should bear in mind, and just be conscious of, then make our own decisions accordingly.

     What I have learnt so far from observing myself and others, one of the main effects of the entertainment industry, is that it twists our perception of reality. It makes us feel like the life portrayed in the entertainment industry is the life to live, while in reality that life is a myth, that even the entertainers who portray these lives don’t actually live them.

   The second issue is it makes us love this world more than the next, it makes us love the dunya, makes dunya feel like it could be a mini paradise. Of course that type of thinking comes with its own bag of goodies, we all know what happens when we chase this world and forget the next. To save us the suspense… It never ends well.

  Finally the issue with the Entertainment industry at the very least is that it’s a distraction for the idle citizen. If it won’t brainwash you, or get you on a wild goose chase, then at least it will waste your time. That might sound like, ahhh that’s not bad, but my personal philosophy about the value of our time is that it is proportional to the value of our lives. How we value our own lives, is how we value our own time, depending on our aspirations and ambitions.

    If we plan on changing the world, then the value of our time is almost priceless, but if we plan on going Pro in couch surfing, then the value of our time is, well, ummmm, N-E-G-A..tive??? ( shoulder shrug and squinted eyes).

     Now of course we all need a little distraction here and there, we aren’t robots. So entertainment in itself is good, but the type of entertainment and the duration of the entertainment should be controlled so it doesn’t interfere with our other obligations.

       Addiction to media is common, Junkies everywhere these days, daily fix. We might be in that crowd too, don’t believe me? Try quitting, tell me about the withdrawal symptoms, when we start our support groups, and thank you for sharing in advance. Haha

I love you all for the Sake of Allah

  • ABD



11 thoughts on “UNREAL REALITY

  1. OMG the sister is so right. 😀 It would be awesome if you write a book. Or maybe you can give short speeches in your local masjid. I’m sorry for being so blunt but I really think you should consider pursuing this professionally like you can become a part-time da’ee. May Allah bless you loads. Ameen. Allahumma baarik lak.

    Jazak Allah khair. Absolutely loved this ” How we value our own lives, is how we value our own time.” Thank you. I’m going to remember that insha’Allah. Wassalaam

    • Haha I am a farrrr cryy from being anything close to a da’ee. I am blessed to be able to express my thoughts a little better than some, and Alhamdulillah I try in some cases to use it for good. :-). About speech at a local mosque, umm for now, not really an option, stage fright, my family not knowing I am Muslim yet, and living abroad… You get the picture.

      • You must be kidding because you sure sound like one. Just saying. 😀 On a more serious note, I think I understand what you’re saying. However, I remember reading in a book by shaykh Imam Ibn Baz (not sure if it was him or someone else, I’ll look it up insha’Allah) that da’wah is an obligation on the community as a whole, but in times such as ours when people are drifting away from the true teachings of Islam, it becomes every individual’s responsibility to spread the message according to his/her ability. So in other words, all of us have the potential of becoming da’ees if we possess the correct knowledge. In fact, alhumdulillah we are already doing what a da’ee does (expressing our thoughts, sharing our knowledge) only we are not as professional, but we can at least keep trying. 🙂

        Oh, okay. SubhanAllah. Sorry. I didn’t realize. Each one of us has our own struggles. I understand. You’ll do fine, insha’Allah. May Allah, the Most Merciful make it easy for you and guide your family to Islam. Ameen.

      • Ameen, and you are very right, it is everyone’s responsibility to spread the message and sometimes spreading that message can be just through our actions rather than lectures maybe. People might not believe what we say but they will believe what we do. Still experimenting with both approaches :-)… Oh and the story of my conversion to Islam is in one of my blog posts, I think the second one, titled Proof of God’s existence… I think… Will put a link here in a bit. Jazak Allah Khair
        Here it is: https://thoughtprocess101.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/proof-of-gods-existence/

      • I know, that’s true. Jazak Allah khair for the reminder.

        Thanks for the link. I just realized I’ve read it before; still it was nice reading it again. Jazak Allah khair. But I didn’t know you haven’t informed your family yet and that you’re living abroad (this is what I was referring to earlier in my comment). Allahul Musta’aan (Allah is the One who’s Help is sought). Wassalaam 🙂

      • Ohh ok, Yea informing… Still working on that part. Very delicate issue. Haha thanks for commenting Jazak Allah Khair, and have a nice day 🙂

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