Asalam Aleykum Fellow homosapiens,

     Just recently, in the last days of Ramadan I was at the mosque for prayer and for some reason I decided to just sit and start looking at people. Honing my observation skills, people walking, talking, praying, reading and yeaa that’s about it.   Suddenly something hit me, not something physical (don’t jump to conclusions), I mean a thought got into my mind. Which was “ heyyy look at the variety of Muslims around” , okkk wait, first don’t judge me, I am not as slow as that thought sounds.

     It’s just that I had never really thought about how many different types of Muslims there are, I’m not talking about differences in Madhab, I’m talking in terms of race, color, culture, thoughts, backgrounds, (Ok, I might be slow)  but not as a source of discrimination but as a source of beauty.

  The issue is that I had somehow taken for granted this diversity; it was just Muslims are Muslims; we are all one Ummah done deal. Signed, sealed, delivered. I never quite thought about the fact that, so many people from so many different walks of life are Muslims, to the extent that the only thing common in their lives is only Islam. Everything else is almost completely different.

It was so nice seeing so many different types of people all come together to worship Allah. Which reminded me of this Ayah;

Surah Nasr 110

When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest, And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes, Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance.”

    So I left thinking about it, I told my friend about it, he must have thought I am high off Taraweeh prayers, and wobbly legs is causing simple thoughts to seem profound (I don’t usually sound coherent when these types of thoughts first get into my system). But I still like the thought of the differences and the variety it’s just amazing to me. Life would be very very boring if we were all the same, I mean borderline suicidal type of boring. What next? guess it’s the next life then, good bye monotonous world.

Surat Al-Ĥujurāt 49:13 

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”

 I believe we should learn to embrace our differences and to bond in our similarities. Feel free to Quote me. Hold on, my head is tipping over to the left from ego inflation. The next verse should set it right.

 Surat Al Maidah 5:48

“And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth. To each of you We prescribed a law and a method. Had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you; so race to [all that is] good. To Allah is your return all together, and He will [then] inform you concerning that over which you used to differ.”

I added this so as to remind us to never ever judge anyone who isn’t Muslim or Muslim yet, since it’s clear here that Allah chose to make it so to test us in what HE has given us. I would like to think that part of that test is our tolerance towards people different from ourselves, (by ourselves I mean individually, not as an Ummah) which would be everyone.

Basically, embrace the differences within the Ummah and tolerate the differences outside the Ummah, of course the good ones in both cases. I am not advocating taking up drinking because you are “embracing the differences”… That difference is best left a difference.

Love you all for the sake of Allah

  • ABD

6 thoughts on “DIFFERENCES…

  1. Masha’Allah. You’re not slow. It’s just that people don’t normally bother to think about such stuff. I think acknowledging something so seemingly simple and obvious is a way of showing gratitude to Allah. It crosses your mind and all of a sudden you feel blessed. It’s a blessing in itself. And if you happen to share it with others they might think you’re high or something. I remember telling my sister just recently that the clouds looked beautiful, she raised her eyebrows at me as if asking “you okay?” she was not even half as excited as I was. XD About the diversity, yeah I think it’s amazing too. Like totally Uh-mazing! 🙂

    Aw, and now I miss Ramadan! May Allah ta’aala bless us all with the fasts of Ramadan this year and many more years to come. Ameen.

    Jazak Allah khair!

    • InshaAllah and Ameen. About appreciating the little things around us and the obvious, I think it depends on moods sometimes. Like sometimes someone can have so much on their mind, that it becomes hard to picture someone noticing the small things which at that moment seem pointless to that person.

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