ASalaam Aleykum

Heeeyyyy my people, my apologies, seems I constantly underestimate the toll of work and studies, and keep saying I won’t go on long breaks but ahhhhh…anyway I’m sorry about that, now on to the topic at hand.

Why do we pray? …I asked myself this question a couple of times… I had different answers in different times, so I decided to compile them and share them …

First off, I’m not going to claim I know why its five times a day specifically but I do know anything you do five times a day, you must be taking it seriously.

I mean if anyone right now told you they have been doing a particular activity five times a day, everyday for ten years or more…you would consider them professionals at it, they should even write a book about it, and on that note I think Muslim should write a book about their praying experience. I’m just saying…

    Anyway, the first thing is prayer reminds us of our purpose in life, we stop everything, work, play, socializing, sleep, whatever…five times everyday at particular times to remind ourselves that there is something greater than all these, these aren’t the main reasons we are here.

 Second, (not like there is any particular order) Tranquility and to find rest

AS Allah says in the Quran

Surat Ar-Ra`d  13:28

“Those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah – Islamic Monotheism), and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” 

Third we are reminded of Allah’s mercy and we are reminded that we do wrong, and hence we ask for forgiveness, and that Allah our creator loves to forgive.

 Fourth, it humbles us…five times a day, it works on killing our pride.Humility, especially in Sijdah (Prostration)…this is physically the most humble pose you can be in, kneeling with your forehead on the ground. I mean picture a President in that state next to a civilian in the mosque behind an Imam. See where I am getting at? Really does show you we are all the same in front of Allah.

Fifth, Gratefulness, thanking Allah, we acknowledge that everything we have, everything we are is from Allah.

Sixth is Death, well yeah I mean it had to come in there sometime, why death? Because if there was no death, then no afterlife, if no afterlife then no judgement day, no judgement day then… you get the point. It reminds us that our deeds are on record and when we die, we will see that record. This is more than CCTV cameras and Big brother… This is the whole package, emotions, intentions and everything, its like waking up naked in public. ( NIGHTMARE OF THE CENTURY) but hey, we were warned to clothe ourselves with good deeds weren’t we?

And finally its food for the spirit, recharging the soul. Some people however have been performing wild stunts in their lives like starving the soul or if we want to put it in a more subtle way, their souls have gone on a hunger strike… ok that wasn’t subtle ummmm…let’s say their souls have been fasting and no you can’t fast that long and not expect consequences. Sooo…that’s why we pray.

By the way this list is in no way exhaustive, and probably you can find a lot more reasons why… so tell me on the comments below.

Love you all for the sake of Allah

–          ABD


8 thoughts on “WHY WE PRAY

  1. its always nice and inspiring to see you keep growing in iman. May Allah grant you abundance in everything bro make you from among those he favor InshAllah

  2. Ma sha Allah… Its always interesting and inspiring (spiritually) to read your blog, Alhamdulillah. May Allah increase you in knowledge, ameen! I think…. One more tin, solah make one keep a close relationship with the Quran. we need to understand whateva we are reading to attain concentration (kushoo) in salah. Jazakahllah khairan for this piece bro 🙂

  3. To add to your first point, I think it makes us more conscious of our deeds. Like how well we’ve utilized our time or if we haven’t at all. Reminds me of a nasheed called “What did I do today?” by Dawud Wharnsby.

    Excellent post! Jazak Allah khair. 🙂

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