tumblr_mgrd83HE2i1reu8dno1_500Asalaam Aleykum Brothers and Sisters

I like…Correction!  I love… finding out more and more about the human psyche, and about people around me and about myself. This love has led me to asking myself a lot of questions and asking people a lot of questions, because how else can you learn right?

So the mad-scientists in me is back… MUhAHAHAHA (evil laugh in the basement).

Ladies and Gentlemen it’s PROBING TIME…

Alright let’s start light… answer all questions instinctively, this is not an exam, there is no wrong answer. Just be honest with yourself.

I’ll keep this simple and get straight to the point. Some of the Questions are very random…for a reason.

1) What are the top five things you think about during the day?

2) Why those things?

3) What do you want in life?

4) Why do you want what you want?

5) Are you working towards them?

6) What scares you the most?

7) Why does it scare you?

8) If you had everything you want right now, what would you do then?

9) What next?

10) What do you like in general?

11) What do you hate in general?

12) Do you believe you fully know yourself?

13) What would you say if someone asked you “who are you?” (HINT: Your name and your family aren’t you)

14) What defines you?

15) What do you think your family thinks of you?

16) What do you think your friends think of you?

17) Who are your friends?

18) What do you think of them?

19) What do you think of yourself?

20) What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about death?

21) What’s the first thing you think about when you think about Allah?

22) Are you happy?

23) What do you love to do? Hobbies?

24) What do you spend your money on?

25) What are your skills/talents? What are you good at?

26) What do you want to do every day?

27) Do you know Islam?

28) Are you satisfied with what you know about Islam so far?

29) What are you doing about it?

Take your time answering them and going over the questions and your answers over and over again…

Please feel free to give some answers or your suggestions throught your comments. Or email them to me at

Yours truly



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