LIFE AT THE CAFÉ (L.A.T.C) Episode One : Let’s Just Be Honest


Location: The Café

Time: 5:45 pm

Status: Waiting for Farid to finish his shift.

[Dylan and Aazim sitting in the booth talking]


Dylan – Where do we begin?

Aazim – (remains silent)

Dylan – We know the situation of the Ummah right now, we know we need to change…

{Dylan – The diplomat, always composed: consistently fails to panic in any situation. whether that’s because he is married or that’s how he is or both, we’ll never know…also The voice of wisdom in the crew and the eldest}

Dylan but now what’s to be done? … I was watching a video on youtube the other day, spoken word by Kamal Saleh, you know him right?

Aazim – yea, I watched a couple of his videos, you are talking about the “Are we Humans?” one right?

Dylan – yea, it was…I mean, I…

Aazim – its ok, I know you cried

{Aazim – The revolutionary, highly contagious: approach with caution.  Master manipulator, calls it “mind bending” derived from avatar (earth bending, air bending…etc) the most direct person in the crew, “ask and ye shall be given”}

Dylan – everyone who has watched it, has

Aazim – Not everyone…(shaking his head)

Dylan – What are you? Made of stone?

Aazim – Crying doesn’t help them, that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We should watch it and instead of just feeling pity in our hearts, we should feel responsible. We are the guilty ones…(pause) being heedless of the oppression happening in front of us is as blame worthy as the oppressor doing the oppression.

Dylan(remains silent)

Aazim – We are crying not only for their sadness but mostly because deep down its self pity, that we know this and are doing nothing about it, and it’s not that we can’t, it’s that we aren’t.

Dylan – you are making me feel bad

Aazim – Then I have accomplished step one, we can’t just click share on the video, like and subscribe and feel content that we have done enough, and then click the next video, probably a funny one to laugh and try to feel better, by distracting ourselves. But somewhere in the back of our minds we know we aren’t truly feeling better. The only way to feel better is to decide to actually do something about it.

Dylan – the million dollar question remains… what can one man do?

Aazim – Through out world history it’s always been one man, who changed things. …Yes not everyone can be that man, but if you can’t lead then follow, if someone is tied up with work and responsibilities then at least they can look for and find any group or project that is doing something about it and donate or volunteer to do anything to move in the right direction.

Dylan – is that what you…(gets interrupted)

Aazim – and if Allah has blessed you with the ability to lead then Lead, don’t follow.

Dylan – you sound like you have a plan…

Aazim – you sound like you are surprised…

Dylan – This should be good

 Aazim – let’s just be honest with ourselves, if you are not part of the cure, then you are part of the disease. In this life, there is no neutral. You are either helping things to get better or you are making things get worse.

Dylan – true story…

Aazim – So the grand plan is…

–      [jabir walks in]

Jabir – Asalaam Aleykum Brothers, [jumps in to the booth].

Dylan, Aazim– Wa Aleykum Salaam,

Jabir – Ok, before we go into any discussion right now, I just happened to see a sister at the back of the booth right now and Mashallah…

Dylan – are you kidding me right now?

Jabir – It was the first look, not like…

{Jabir – The joker… got a sense of humor and the actions to match. But don’t mistake his kindness for weakness…Firm believer in action speak louder than words, Favorite topic: Marriage (we know why) , favorite Sahaba : Umar Ibn Khattab (R.A). }

Aazim – did this “first look” happen to be 2 minutes long?

Jabir– Noooo, but I get your point…but in my defense she is wearing hijab so I didn’t see anything Haram or anything

Dylan– that’s really in her defense.

Jabir – touché

(moment of silence…)

Jabir – MARRIAGE!!! (Index finger pointing to the sky)

Dylan and Aazim(laughing) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dylan – record time?

Aazim– can’t be, I have witnessed him waking up with that word

Jabir– its crucial people, I’m telling you.

[ Farid walks to the booth and stands besides it, since he is still at work]

Farid –  Asalaam Aleykum my beautiful people…

Aazim, Dylan, Jabir – Aleykum Salaam,

Jabir – Oi, so when does your shift end?

Farid[looks at his watch] in ten minutes, What did I miss?

{Farid – The artist, too laid back to believe he is not on weed or anything but appearances can be deceiving, seems to find beauty and art in everything. Currently doing media design classes and working part-time at the café. The politest of the four}

Jabir – Marriage…

Farid – of course…(Smiles)

Jabir – I don’t see how you guys aren’t getting the gravity of the situation here… (puzzled look on his face)

Aazim– May Allah bless you with the Best wife from the Ummah. Amin

Dylan, Jabir, Farid – Amin

Jabir – I could take a bullet for you right now just because of that dua

Dylan – we know…

Farid– who would marry the best wife from the Ummah then?

Jabir– I didn’t say I would take it in the head

Dylan, Jabir, Faird – (laughing) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jabir – I mean, I would stick my hand out or something…

Aazim – or something? (Eyebrow raised)

Farid – So have you told him the grand plan yet?

Dylan – He was about to, before Marriage arrived [pointing at Jabir]

Jabir – seriously though

Dylan – (laughs) 🙂 🙂

Jabir – you must not know about my resume, I write disses for fun…That’s what I do man…

(Everyone Laughing) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dylan – eeeasssyy there young padawan

Aazim – the force is strong in this one…

Jabir – anyway, we digress

Farid – I was about to say

Dylan – so the plan

Aazim – the grand plan

Dylan – Yea the plan

Aazim – The grand plan

Jabir [talking to Dylan] – we did this all night long last night, we got a khutba for 45 minutes why it is the grand plan and not the plan…accept it yaani.

Dylan – ok so this..

Aazim – Grand plan.

Dylan – yea, what you said…

Aazim – (Smiles)…

Jabir and Farid – (faces of horror) oh no, Dylan why would you do this to us?

Aazim – gentlemen since the beginning of time… The word grand…

– END-


Feel free to leave comments 🙂 (Don’t worry Episode two will be out soon) – Stay tuned for the GRAND PLAN.


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    • Jazak Allah Khair, Thank you, and Welcome to the Family. 😄. If you need anything (well all I can really offer now is to listen or talk to you) .. I’m here. Have a nice day.

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