coming-soonAsalaam Aleykum,

My apologies for keeping you waiting for so long. I am going through my final exams, so it’s been hectic, But Alhamdullah, all is  good. I still have one more week of exams, but grieve not, because I come bearing good news. (Me trying old English) 🙂

I have much more in store for you…

Soon, in a week or so Inshaa Allah as I get back to bringing you thought provoking ideas, perspectives and my own version of the world. I have decided to go all out on this one,  and to bring you more entertaining way of getting the message. Yes! It’s time for phase two of the social experiment.

  So basically apart from the weekly posts, I have something new for you, I call it “Life At The Café” a fictional story about a couple of friends and how they go about living their lives, discovering Islam, interesting ideas and ideals, each one has, and all else. Most of it will be in dialogue format and its going to be broken down into Episodes. This is the official announcement without an official date… stay tuned for episode one. Titled “Let’s just be honest” L.A.T.C Episode 1. Coming soon… Proudly brought to you by yours truly


Till then, my prayers are with you all. Wishing you a very nice day and week, and life Inshaa Allah.


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