310px-Arabic_components_(letters)_in_the_word_Allah_svg  Before I talk about Arabic, I want you to first picture this scenario… you go to a country. Or you are even born there, you live with the people, you see them every day, you interact with them and you live like that till you die there. But!! All this time you lived there, the only way you interacted with the people and their culture is through a translator. A translator that you have been walking around with your whole life everywhere you go. Because you somehow didn’t want to or thought you couldn’t learn their native language. Would you consider yourself as truly knowing these people and their culture? …No not really.

  Now Islam is that country, and its native language is Arabic. You live in Islam, you eat in it, you sleep in it and you try to do everything according to Islam, but through translators. Wouldn’t it be better if you could roam free without a translator…Just go anywhere and truly interact with the religion from its source The Holy Quran. You would stand in Prayer and meditate on every word you say because you understand its meaning. Word for word, its derivatives and all.

   I believe with this we have a solid case as to why it is very important to learn Arabic and to put it on your to do list as of right now and start praying for it. But I Would like to push it just a little bit further, sometimes the skeptic in you doesn’t know when to quit. There is a saying in Turkish that roughly means “If you ride in my car, you will listen to my music”. This means if you use something that is not yours you will have to adapt to things that aren’t yours.

 Why is the world increasingly westernized? It’s not just the media…that’s just a symptom. The cause is English. I’m not saying that English is bad in anyway whatsoever…no. I am trying to show you the side you probably hadn’t thought about. English is the language you use, hence, you look for English movies, English books and all other forms of culture transfer and knowledge through English. This automatically embeds part of western culture in us, both the Good and unfortunately the bad as well if you don’t use your discretion.

 Culture is very much expressed in the language. For example in Classical Arabic, there is no word for “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” in their English connotation. There is male friend and female friend…just gender specific. Why? Because in Islam and in the Arabic culture there is no such thing, that is a western culture brought through that word.

So when you learn Arabic, you can become a better Muslim, The key word is “CAN”. You can embrace Islam more, once again keyword is “CAN”. Because not all Arabs are Muslims, and not all Arabs who are Muslims are practicing Muslims. And last but not least why learn Arabic? …To please Allah… It is the language HE chose to send down the perfect religion, and any effort you spend on trying to learn that language as a second or third language even fourth, will not be in vain. Inshaa Allah. Nuff said…Khalas…Yallah…Lets go learn Arabic.

Allah says in the Quran,

Quran Surah Yusuf 12:2

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.”

May Allah increase US in knowledge, Amin.



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