Life is a test     So here comes, another lesson that I am still learning. See, sometimes I just sit down or lie down on the carpet or my bed and this tune plays in my head on a loop: “This life, this life, this life, life , life , life,  life, what is this life all about, why are we even here? Why are things happening the way they are? why? why? why? why this life?”  and this plays again and again and again. And the only satisfactory answer I have gotten so far is THIS LIFE IS A TEST!! and with evidence to prove it.

This simplifies things a lot actually, kinda brings things into perspective. When you read the Quran, there are so many stories about the people before us, the ultimate heroes and the ultimate villains. So I asked myself, why did Allah find these stories SOOOOO important that HE mentioned them in the QURAN, and not just in Hadiths. I found the answer in the Quran, it states.

Quran Al- A’Raf 7:176

“And if We had willed, we could have elevated him thereby, but he adhered [instead] to the earth and followed his own desire. So his example is like that of the dog: if you chase him, he pants, or if you leave him, he [still] pants. That is the example of the people who denied Our signs. So relate the stories that perhaps they will give thought.”

So basically, the stories are guidelines and we need to try to reflect on these guidelines. We learn from the stories, things such as importance of repentance, importance of patience, importance of making supplications (dua) and so on, basically the things that please Allah, and the things that displease Allah.

 Because if you think about it, there is really no other reason you will be told these stories, it’s not like they explain something that happened centuries ago and that’s why a certain thing is happening now due to what happened then. They are all just examples.

To further prove my point, that this life REALLY is just for the TEST. That we are here to sin, so we may ask for forgiveness and remember Allah. Is this hadith,

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “I swear by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you were a people who did not commit sin, Allah would take you away and replace you with a people who would sin and then seek Allah’s forgiveness so He could forgive them.” [Sahīh Muslim (2687)]

Allah already has a creation which is sinless. He has the angels who “never disobey Allah in what He commands them and carry out whatever they are told to do.” [Surah al-Tahrim: 6] they glorify Allah without fail. Some are standing in prayer, some are bowing, and some are in prostration saying: “Glory be to the possessor of the dominion and its possessions! Glory be to the possessor of might and irresistible power. Glory be to the Living One who never dies!”

In spite of all this, Allah in His wisdom wanted to create beings besides the angels – human beings who would need to be guided to the proper path and who were capable of going astray. Allah says: “Lo! We have shown him the way, whether he be grateful or disbelieving.” [Surah al-Insan: 3]

And Finally, Exhibit C:

Surat Al-Mulk 67:2

“[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving”

So remember, The test is hard, But Allah’s promise is true. Put your trust in Allah and stay Strong

Quran Surat Ar-Ra`d 13:28

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find their rest in the remembrance of God – for, verily, in the remembrance of God [men’s] hearts do find their rest”

If you ain’t got it by now, then you just ain’t getting it.  😉

At ease, Soldier.



3 thoughts on “LIFE IS A TEST!

  1. School n’ Life: Preparing for a test, then asking Allah for help when taking the test, then getting worried about the results…And then In sha Allah passing the test!

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