tumblr_mvqwliFGqN1secqcwo1_500 Hello Soldier… Most of us have forgotten what it means to be a man and it is truly a sight for sore eyes. For this reason the world has fallen into the dark pit it is in right now. When I talk about being a man, being a man isn’t about acting tough, hanging around in gangs, fighting or doing drugs, that’s all naïve boys stuck in men’s bodies.

     Being a man is about taking responsibility, for yourself and those around you. It’s about realizing you are where you are because of the decisions you have made, the wrong ones and the right ones, and learning from the wrong ones. And you are where you are because of Allah’s mercy.

Our sisters and mothers, Muslims or not, are in great peril because we as men have forgotten our duties. We have forgotten to give the utmost respect to our mothers which they more than deserve, the obedience to our fathers. Our love and care to our sisters, so they know they are never alone. All the love in the world to our wives who stand beside us through the times when we are a pain and when we are gentlemen, and to show them our appreciation for everything they do and our patience for their mistakes as they do with ours. We have forgotten to treat our daughters with kindness and gentleness and to lead them to the right way. And we have forgotten to teach our sons what it is to be a man. Not only by words but by action, do not demonstrate an example of your power rather demonstrate the power of your example. Lead by example.

   Do you think if there were more “men of action” in this world there would be broken homes? Street children? Prostitution? Using women as objects in advertisement?. I highly doubt it. The problem is; there are so many boys out there stuck in men’s bodies that it’s become the norm. And unfortunately the world is too lenient towards this foolishness.

   So now I am calling out to my brothers and sisters out there, to join the club “men of action”, to teach and to spread the message. It’s a movement, to make young minds and the older who will listen, aware of what it truly means to be a man and to save ourselves and our sisters.

Tell me if you honestly haven’t met “19 year old men” and “40 year old boys”…seriously though… Our world has been hijacked by boys from Uranus and is being ruled by them, we can’t just sit back and do nothing.

    Future world leaders, scholars, Muslims, entrepreneurs and great minds of tomorrow, what I want isn’t to sell you a magazine or an idea, or get you to subscribe to this blog, what I want is to build a community of mind that can stand together collectively and influence this world to change for the better.

   Men of action can only be made from men whose principles are based on the principles brought down by Allah to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and The prophets Sunnah.

The Prophet,(PBUH), said: “I am leaving you two things and you will never go astray as long as you cling to them — they are the Book of Allah and my Sunnah.” [Reported by Al- Haakim – Sahih].

 “We are men of action…Lies do not become us”

 Thank you for your time.



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