exoplanet_concept_2_by_nethskie-d4q6405    Humans are aesthetic beings we are naturally drawn to art. We are born with an innate appreciation for art. Think about it, just look around you, how many colors do you see? Can you imagine if everything was one color? All gray? Or even all your favorite color, it wouldn’t be your favorite anymore; you would hate it in time. Whether it’s black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, you name it. If everything around you was that color you would grow to distaste it pretty quickly.

  Look outside, why is everyone driving different colored cars? If you really think about it, from a functionality point of view, it’s pointless to color cars different colors. But because humans love art in all its forms, simple or sophisticated, hence why go through the extra expense to color cars differently. We find pleasure in such little details unconsciously and sometimes consciously.

    Art…what is art? Art is something that is done with creative skill, imagination, utmost attention and intention to provide some sort of value. Be it extrinsic, intrinsic or both. As in; something it does, such as cars, or by itself being there, such as paintings or both. When you think about it, creativity is in the details, in tweaking and adjusting things that are already there, by discovering new things, no one actually invents or creates anything totally new, but the modifications and manipulations of the original model is what makes it unique.

   Still not with me? Ok think about cars… most cars, family or race or whatever, have four wheels, a body, an engine, steering wheel, and pretty much the same basic features. But you can’t compare a Buggatti to a… ummm screw it; you can’t compare a Buggatti to any regular car you might think of. So human creativity is not about re-inventing the wheel, it’s about the details. Understanding things at such a deep level that you can manipulate them, and modify them. Even concepts, as we know the wheel came from the concept of a circle.

 Anyway I digress. What I wanted to get you to understand is that we all have an innate appreciation for art, we are aesthetic beings. And yet many of us of look at the most precious art creation in the world and are not properly awe stricken. That art is Us, humans. Allah designed you and created you from nothing, you weren’t discovered, you are pure creation. Just look at your hands, you having five fingers, why not four? Why not 3? Why not 7? Why 5? Have you ever wondered why Allah created you the way you are, what was the purpose and wisdom of that design, How your body has been magnificently designed by Allah. Do we reflect though?

”Had he not been a sperm from semen emitted?

Then he was a clinging clot, and [ Allah ] created [his form] and proportioned [him]


And made of him two mates, the male and the female.


Is not that [Creator] Able to give life to the dead?”

Surat Al-Qiyamah 75: 37-40

 But it’s not just us, look at your whole city, look at your whole country then the world then the solar system, the galaxy and then the whole universe.

“The creation of the heavens and earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most of the people do not know.”


 Surat Ghafir 40:57

  Knowing that Allah created everything, its good enough to understand that the mathematics that went into each detail of creating the Universe is INSANE!, the perfect harmony of every detail in the universe, from stars, the sun, earth, planets, revolution of the earth and its rotation. Truly Allah is the Best Creator.

  It’s enough to just sit and marvel at the beauty of what he has created and yet this doesn’t come close to paradise.

“Is the description of Paradise, which the righteous are promised, wherein are rivers of water unaltered, rivers of milk the taste of which never changes, rivers of wine delicious to those who drink, and rivers of purified honey, in which they will have from all [kinds of] fruits and forgiveness from their Lord, like [that of] those who abide eternally in the Fire and are given to drink scalding water that will sever their intestines?”

Surat Muhammad 47: 15

    Allah does everything to perfection, and that is perfection of purpose. The earth is perfect for what Allah intended it to be for (a test).  But There is a place made even more perfect for us, made for the intention of US enjoying ourselves eternally, think about it, if earth is this beautiful, yet it is created as a place for us to be tested, then How much better is Paradise?. Don’t go too far seeking for Art, We are living art. And in terms of books, we all know by now that The HOLY Quran is the Best book from the beginning of time till Judgment day. Today, just walk around and try to reflect on everything Allah has created and how marvelous it is. And Thank Allah for it and realize His Greatness.

Thank you for your time.


For more descriptions of paradise in the Quran. Click the link below.


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