75741233b291feae64d6a4d2edd5e490   It’s today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, it’s just today. One more time, it’s today, it’s not last week, or last year, it’s not next week or a year from now, its just today so LIVE IN IT!! Be here today right now. Take a deep breath, in and out, calm down, realize that you are not your past and you aren’t what you haven’t done yet. Live in the present. You see when you live in the future, and you are constantly preoccupied about it, then you have divided attention meaning today you are doing things half assed, you aren’t doing them well enough or you aren’t doing enough. Hence the future you are thinking about is actually being made half assed.

   It also means shaytan has managed to distract you well enough to worry about stuff only Allah knows and has control over, so now shaytan can make you postpone doing the right things now, for a later future you don’t know if you will have or he can make you do sins now, convincing you later you might change. I call them Satan Jedi mind tricks. You sit there worrying about the future you can’t change and your only hope of doing anything about it would be doing something now, but now you are worried about then, see the irony here?

   Please believe that there are few humans on earth who have lived in the future as much as I have, trying to plan everything to detail, I lived there for so long when I came back I was surprised cars still have wheels!!. The other problem with living in the future and always being worried about it is that you are never truly happy because even when you get the thing you planned for, you are still not present at the time to fully enjoy it, you are thinking what’s next?. As for the people that live in the past, honestly I haven’t tried it, but stop. It has already happened there is nothing you can do to change it, cars have wheels now.

    The main problem with all this is its effect on our imaan, as a Muslim you believe in Qadr, and what has happened good or bad is part of your qadr, and Allah willed it to be so, and being Muslim means submitting to Allah’s will. It’s the same thing with the future, you have no idea what’s going to happen an hour from now, you have hope of what’s going to happen, but you really don’t know. Knowing this you are still planning a year from now?? Focus on today and pray and Allah is the Best in Guidance.

   You should have ambitions and dreams to work towards… so work towards them and don’t try to live them in your head only. Be happy with today, and focus on that. What can you do today? Don’t put 20 things don’t put 10, don’t even put 2, Just ONE. Do it and when you are done, then maybe the next one. If you did one important thing every day you would have 365 things to look back to at the end of each year, but how many times have you looked back at a year and you don’t see 10 important things you did? Too busy doing what’s urgent and not what’s important?

   Life seems to be zooming past, you are just doing everything fast, after this there is that, and then that other thing, its like a hamster on a hamster wheel, so much energy running and then when you stop to look back you realize you have gone nowhere and it’s frustrating and oddly enough that frustration causes you to jump back on the wheel and try go faster instead of stopping and thinking how can you do it better with less effort, be lazy for once, and really think how can you move forward?. Start today. Yea as in right now, no, no, not tomorrow, not an hour later, find a pad and a pen and start thinking. Have a nice day.

Quote: “Adults fondly remember the past, and children use the future to escape”

“The most important thing in life is what you are doing right now!!!”

Thank you for your time.

–      Abd


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