Proof of God’s Existence


   First, I wasn’t born into a Muslim family ( but rather pretty strict Christians) and my country isn’t a Muslim majority country. This might seem like a disadvantage or not conducive but appearances can be deceiving. When you are on the outside, it forces you to think; you start searching for answers and you do everything to find the truth.

  Let’s start at the base. I wanted to prove to myself through and through that God exists, no two ways about it, no room for doubt. I went about this in many ways but the most direct one and simplest one I can think of is when I was thinking about origin and purpose.

   Everything in this world has an origin and purpose; nothing is from thin air and nothing is there for absolutely no reason (agreed?). Look around you, everything you have came from somewhere and someone made it. It is for a particular purpose and when it can no longer fulfill its purpose what happens?You trash it. Simple. Who keeps broken mugs no matter how beautiful they look? So that means the earth was made, you were made and you have a purpose.

 Therefore, Base one: Some “ONE” created earth. It didn’t just magically appear and we didn’t evolve from monkeys, otherwise WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the other monkeys?? They said “naa…you guys go ahead and evolve, give me a banana, I’m good.” Base two: Since everything originated from somewhere and someone made it, the next question was “Where did God come from?” So I was stuck for a bit. I know in the bible it is written that God is the beginning and the end and there was none before HIM and there will be none after, but I had already questioned the authenticity of the bible given the many versions and alterations done to it, so I needed something more solid.

    So, honestly, Islam kind of fell right into my lap and after reading the Holy Quran I realized this must be the words of God. It’s just that simple. No human being could ever write it or come up with it and in it God says He is the only Godand only He is God. “La ilaha Illallah”, and there is nothing before HIM. In many more verses proof of God’s existence is presented with simple and direct language that everyone can understand by their God-given reasoning. No need to be a scholar or a philosopher to understand it.

   Now as for the skeptics and critics who are still open minded, please don’t take my word for it. Go read the Quran yourself and think about it. If you just say no you wont read it, ok… but why? You don’t want to find out that it might be true? If you are so sure its false why not test it out for yourself to be 100% sure. Its easy now… download or find it online. Read from the first page, English translation, and keep reading. That’s all. Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    I would like to say that this is the reason I converted, but its not. I believed in God’s existence since Christianity and I never doubted it; it’s just that I had decided not to take it for granted and really prove it to myself. But the reason I converted was because I met a Muslim brother who inspired me; he never tried to lecture me about Islam, even when I asked him questions about Islam, he would give me direct answers and references to the Quran or Sunnah. He wouldn’t use them as opportunities to convince me of anything. He was better than me at everything, football, basketball (not anymore), studies, talking to people, jokes, movies, cartoons… literally everything I thought I was good at. I converted to Islam because I believed the way he was guided by Islam is the best way a man should be guided in life. I wanted to be like him; so energetic, so composed, happy and self directed. It seemed nothing could faze him. So after a year and a half of being friends, I had realized I believed everything about Islam I had even fasted in Ramadan, I just hadn’t started praying. I went and told him I would like to convert and he said…no, not just yet. NO?? I know right, but believe it or not I was 14 then and he was 17. The issue here is if my parents found out, or if any of my friends found out, my life would be very difficult from there on and he would feel responsible for it and he wouldn’t be able to help. But after a long talk, we agreed no one is to know and I converted to Islam. You didn’t see anything (waving while disappearing into the background). Moral of the story: lead by example.

 Thank you for your Time.



13 thoughts on “Proof of God’s Existence

  1. SubhanAllah. Sometimes I feel I need to be more grateful for being born into a Muslim family. Alhumdulillah you found the right path. May Allah always bless you and may He guide your parents to the truth.

    Truly inspiring! 🙂

  2. AA. There were so many similarities in your posts that every time I read one it was as if you had read my thoughts. I too was not born into a Muslim family maybe that was the reason. Lead by example is dead right. If every Muslim truely believed this there would be no need to preach. I also experienced an amazing change (improvement) in mental and physical abilities after reverting which could not have been explained any other way but that it came from Allah after accepting the truth. Everything about Islam is amazing and even after years I find myself like child in awe and of course totally grateful to Allah for this Mercy. May He Make us live as He Commands and die in the state of eemaan. Aameen
    My extended family disowned me for 30 years. It was still very easy. My mother reverted and died as a muslim Alhamdulillah.

    • Wooowwww, first of Alhamdulillah for your mother having reverted to Islam, and the strength you must have had to go through being disowned…I’m a bit speechless although I understand it somehow, I might be facing it soon or maybe not depending on Allah’s will. As for the Islam being amazing, YES! It’s bloody awesome…When I first converted I read so many books and hadiths cause I just finally found the answers to all my questions, in the beginning it was like my iman was on steroids. Almost a consistent high, but anyway it’s awesome meeting another revert. Stay blessed 🙂

  3. Thanks. Indeed “finally found the answers to all my question” same here. And still find literally everything I look for and need. Yes steroids :). Me too, found it annoying to sleep cause I was so eager to wake up for tahadjud. Only experienced that heightened state a few times in later years but working on getting it back Insha’Allah. Family have still not accepted it but I think in a way it made me stronger. Allahs Plan maybe? My sisters are softening. Allah Guides, I just pray. Be yourself and true to yourself you might be surprised at your families reaction. Its never as bad as one expects. I know of a girl of 15 did not tell her mother till she was 18. That was hard. Maybe you are young. I was in my late 20s and independent and a bit of a rebel so coped pretty well with being shunned 🙂
    Hang in there. You will know when the time is right. Not sure you have to tell anyone anyway…unless you are stopped from practising your faith and have to I guess. May Allah Make you a joy and blessing for those around you. I still have a letter from my mother she wrote after recovering from a near death episode that brings tears to my eyes as it reflects on how fortunate she was to have me as her daughter (hopefully meaning I might have had a small part in her path towards Islam) I like to think that is the reason for loving me 🙂
    Love your endings after each blog..which I too often say…incidently that got me in a lot of trouble with my daughter sone years ago!
    I felt loving for the sake of Allah was the highest form but it does not go down well with teenagers!!! Beware. 🙂

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