Confessions of a Mad Scientist


  Assalaam Alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

     For as long as I can remember, the world has been my lab and all the people in it my lab rats…or test specimens; whatever helps you sleep at night. Truth be told, I like to conduct social experiments to understand people more, to understand this world more, and to understand life more but most importantly to understand myself more. I would be lying if I said I didn’t do it for fun though…and the look on people’s faces and…(cough cough) *clears throat*…yea moving on.

   Over the years I have conducted a lot of experiments, some crazier than others. “Social experiments” might still sound vague to you so allow me to illustrate what I mean by social experiments. On one uneventful day, the question popped into my head: “How many times do you need to poke a stranger before they punch you in the face?”  Simple enough, rational question (at the time) all you need is a finger a face and a stranger. Ok… let’s do THIS!! To be honest the results were actually shocking. I found out that depending on the age, gender, and SIZE of the person it could be as many as 20 pokes to as little as just intending!!! Please do try this at home. You have never seen your mom throw kitchen ware with that much accuracy before.

     Moving on… one day sitting on the sofa, feet up, looking at the ceiling I decided I wanted to take this social experiment to a whole new level; to reach out to more people and do more stuff. I thought after all this work and all these results, why don’t I share them with the world and in the meantime check their responses to it as part of my bigger experiment. Yea, don’t worry it’s nothing sinister. I just love finding out more about human behavior and life on this planet and everything in it.

     So here is the deal; the subtle contract between me and you. Your side: you will come to this blog and in return (my side): I will ensure that you receive insights, ideas and inspiration about life under the light of Islam that will keep you engaged (introduction of weekly modules), entertained (I’m talking “ha ha” entertained) and give you fresh perspective every time (the wowwww, I never thought of it that way… but its so true). So You hold your end and I will always deliver (Inshallah). If you find the content satisfactory please don’t hesitate to click follow. As a matter of full disclosure, the purpose of this blog is to remind Muslims about the awesomeness of Islam and to reunite them in brotherhood.  But as we all know, talk is cheap! so I will just have to show you. Actions speak louder than words.

Thank you for your time.



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